AxSys All Areas: Wi-Fi Download

AxSys All Areas provides additional insight into the AxSys technology that is unique to the market and sets us ahead of the competition.

AxSys GPS units track and collect large amounts of data during training sessions and games. However, traditional wireless methods of downloading (Bluetooth or Infrared) are ineffective to download the large amounts of data captured. Instead, the AxSys GPS units use high speed Wi-Fi to download the data from the unit to the App quickly and seamlessly. No cords or wires are needed to connect the GPS device before you can access your data.

Additionally, we have built our android Team App to automatically download data from multiple units at once. There is no limit to the number of units to be downloaded and no need for a docking station or cradle to download the data and generate reports.

This seamless integration from data capture to data download is unique to the AxSys products allowing athletes and coaches to focus on what really matters.

For more information on the AxSys GPS units head to our website or try it for yourself and purchase your very own today.