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Ever wondered what makes AxSys Performance different?

With so many new technologies developed each year focused on improving athletic performance, it can be hard to know what actually works and what will be right for you. 


We have developed our products with the athlete in mind. This doesn’t mean just elite athletes; AxSys Performance provides an elite product at a consumer price so all athletes from any age and any stage can use our sport performance system.

So what makes us different?

Professional level of analysis, but at a consumer price

For just $299* per year, the AxSys unit measures total distance, high speed running, and the physical demand placed on the body through accelerations, decelerations, impacts, etc. This is all summarised into one simple score, your Sport Load Rating (SLR).

Easy to understand the data

You don’t need a sport science degree to understand and interpret the data. Information is easy to read at the end of a recorded session or when comparing sessions over time.

Individual and Team capability

The AxSys units and app can work individually or in a group/team environment. So whether you want to monitor your own performance or you’re a coach that wants to ensure your players are in peak condition, AxSys has the technology to suit both functionalities.

Instant results

The data from a session or game is available within minutes of finishing, right to your phone or tablet through your AxSys app. 

We provide answers, not more questions

At the end of every session we provide the answers to the key questions important to all players:

  1. Did I train hard enough today?

    Did I put in the effort that will improve my performance?

  2. Am I at risk of injury?

    Did I do too much in that session? Should I train at a reduced load next session to ensure I don’t over-do it?

  3. Did my training compliment my position and sport?

    Was my training appropriate for my goals and specific to my sport?

And if all that doesn’t convince you? Why not try if for yourself by downloading the free AxSys app available on the App Store and Google Play. By using your mobile device during training sessions you are able to get many of the benefits of regular GPS and performance systems but for free!


*Price based off an individual user subscription on a 2 year contract.