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Am I training specific to my sport?

When it comes to training, there isn’t a one size fits all solution. What works for some athletes may not work for all athletes, which is why it is necessary to make sport specific adjustments for different types of players.


If you have read our previous blogs you will know that training in your Sweet Spot will maximise performance and minimise your chance of injury. However, if you are not training with the right methods then it won’t matter that you are training in your Sweet Spot. 
Incorrect training will stagnate performance and potentially limit your maximum potential.  Spending too much time performing aerobic training when your sport is largely speed and endurance focused or excessive weight training in the gym when speed and power should be your focus are good examples of this.

The challenge with training specificity is that it changes depending on your training age (i.e. how many years of serious training you have completed to date), your chosen sport, and the time of season (in-season, pre-season, preparation phase).

Training effectively

The first step to training effectively is to monitor what you are actually completing during each training session. The AxSys GPS system captures training time, distance, high speed running and body load (the physical demand placed on the body through accelerations, decelerations, impacts, etc.).

Once this information is recorded the next step is to compare your training loads and intensities to well documented training data from different performance and age levels within your sport. At AxSys Performance, we have collated 1 000’s of hours of training data to provide each client with specific advice on their training load and effectiveness.

Understanding the data/results

AxSys understands that you’re most likely not a sports scientist and as such don’t want or need to be bombarded with hundreds of figures and metrics that mean very little. Instead we have identified three key questions to be answered at the end of every training session:

  1. Did you train hard enough today?
  2. Are you training specific to your sport?
  3. Are you at risk of injury through under or over training?

The AxSys GPS system has been designed to provide you with these answers at the end of every training session, week or cycle. If you want to look deeper into your performance data we have provided web access to your own personal training database allowing you to view session by session, second by second of all the most important performance metrics.

Let’s look at an example…

As a soccer player, you feel that your endurance isn’t up to scratch compared to that of your competitors. You then start adding additional long runs to your training program which results in rapidly increasing your SLR (potentially to an overtrained state) as well as beginning to reduce your overall speed and acceleration capacity which are key to your ultimate success in your sport.

Luckily, the AxSys GPS has recorded this information and identified the problem. Instead you should be completing field specific endurance training, such as repeated intervals with and without a ball with short recoveries to simulate the demands of the game.

Finally, to maximise your performance it is important that your training program is challenging you over time. The SLR and sports specific analysis tools have been designed to ensure you are following typical training load and performance increases over time. Comparisons of your performance with peers or even the most elite players in your sport will allow you to see where your strengths and, in particular, weaknesses are in order to target these areas for better long term performance.

If you would like to find out more about training specific to your sport, visit our website at or contact Adrian on 0417 290 854 to see how AxSys GPS can work for you.