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The “Fitness:Fatigue” relationship evolved where a single session has a “fatigue” response but over a longer time frame this then results in “fitness” (adaptation to fatigue). Regular training sessions allow manipulation of load & recovery to improve performance over time.

What is important is that the athlete doesn’t overdo the “Fatigue” aspect of the relationship which can hinder the “Fitness” improvement due to delayed recovery time. By utilising the AxSys SLR score and keeping your score within the recommended range (80-130) you are then maximising the Fatigue:Fitness Relationship and physical improvement over time.

If you understand that Fitness can only occur “after” Fatigue has taken place, then you hopefully can have a better appreciation for the need for appropriate recovery mechanisms to maximise this transfer from Fatigue to Fitness.

Regular rest periods (within week and within month), stretching, massage, eating and sleeping well are all core recovery mechanisms which will maximise your progress from Fatigue to Fitness. 

In a future article AxSys will delve into the black art of PERIODIZATION, the process whereby you alternate work and recovery periods to maximise your Fatigue:Fitness Relationship (and overall sports specific conditioning).