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AxSys All Areas: Capacitive Touch On/Off

Welcome to the first post for AxSys All Areas. These feature posts will provide an additional insight into the AxSys technology that is unique to the market and sets us ahead of the competition.

The capacitive touch On/Off technology in the AxSys GPS units is unique in the market as it ensures there are no moving parts. Moving parts in a unit that is used repetitively in high-paced and /or impact sports can be prone to damage, and reduced or eliminated functionality.

In addition, no moving parts means the unit does not require any plastic or rubber which would make it very difficult to achieve waterproofing. That’s right. Our units are waterproof. Because of the capacitive touch on/off button and the fact our units are ultrasonically welded means the AxSys GPS is the only unit on the market that is 100% waterproof.

And there’s more.

When developing the AxSys GPS units, it wasn’t just about ensuring functionality it was also about surviving general wear and tear. Let’s face it – these units have to survive the same game as you do. With no moving parts, there is no chance of the On/Off button sticking, breaking or just all together not working.

For more information on the AxSys GPS units head to our website or try it for yourself and purchase your very own today.